5+ Free Typewriter Fonts: The Complete 2017 List [Download]

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What are Typewriter Fonts?

The original typewriter font was produced by the typewriter machine, which had it's unique way of shaping and forming out characters with each key press. It was producing distinct characters that was well aligned with the one before it and to the others that would follow. This vertical alignment of characters made by the typewriter is was a breakthrough in typography.

When to use Typewriter Fonts?

The original typewriter font used in the machine is not currently available in it's original form, but has hundreds of similar styles to choose from instead. We are covering the best ones you can use to empower your designs in 2017. These typefaces can accommodate official needs and basic type designs that can be brought out in both vintage and retro, or simply modern characters. Blogs, publications, and companies have and come up with fantastic designs by using some of the typewriter fonts we are going to feature below.

The typewriter font style has wide uses and minimal restrictions on its use. It is also used in programming computer language. Its use here is simply because of its legibility and easy distinguishment between the upper and lower cases.

That being said, the original typewriter typeface has evolved into some very artistic typefaces. This has given its character layout a few adjustments so as to meet the artist's design. With a lot variations comes a lot of unique opportunities for designers to use the fonts that fits their designs in the best way. For example designers can choose the ones who are ideal for designs such as cards, advertisements, magazines and so much more.

Personal use can include card making, journal writing or simply the font style on your phone. Professional use can be in the marketing sector of a company, product branding, and publications. Magazines, publication houses or comics can use the typewriter font to bring a twist into their designs.

Movie scripts have the standard rule of being written in the style of a typewriter font. This has been a long-standing policy that has been observed for decades. Typewriter typeface does not have to be restricted on script writing it can be used by students, web designers, bloggers, graphic designers and even teachers. They can all find styles that work for their platform or use the original typewriter design if they are looking for that perfect alignment of characters. Typewriter lettering style can carry the old feel and make it modern for the current generation of writers.

Typewriter Font Definition

Typewriter fonts are used by designers looking for that authentic old, typed out look. It brings out that old feel that maybe color or old paper may not bring out clearly, without detering it from official use by professionals and businesses due to its legibility. It's most suitable for authors and writers who want to convey that feeling of synergy with the roots of the professional writers' profession.

The Best Typewriter Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Typewriter typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Typewriter fonts in 2017
Adler TrueType 4.8
Carbon Type Vic Fieger TrueType 4.8
1942 Report Johan Holmdahl TrueType 4.4
Moms Typewriter Christoph Mueller TrueType 4.3
Special Elite Asigmatic TrueType 4.2

1942 Report Example

1. 1942 Report Font by Johan Holmdahl

1942 Report is a free font that is built by the great Johan Holmdahl. This typewriter font is a great use in leaflets and e-mail marketing assets. Thinking of using it in commercial client work? No worries, it's allowed.

4.4  ·  288,641  ·  598  · 

Adler Typeface

2. Adler Font

A talented artist is the great digital professional behind the Adler typeface. Unlike some of the previous Typewriter font this one is ideal for product packaging. Adler is available as a free download and can be used privately and commercially.

4.8  ·  327,312  ·  678  · 

Carbon Type Letters

3. Carbon Type Font by Vic Fieger

Proclaimed 'the next classic among the Typewriter style', Carbon Type is a bold typeface that was developed by Vic Fieger. It comes in a free file that is suitable for a wide array of applications.

4.8  ·  267,589  ·  554  · 

Moms Typewriter Characters

4. Moms Typewriter Font by Christoph Mueller

Proclaimed 'the next classic among the Typewriter style', Moms Typewriter is a easy to read typeface that is built by Christoph Mueller. This free Typewriter comes in a truetype format.

4.3  ·  148,158  ·  307  · 

Special Elite Typewriter

5. Special Elite Font by Asigmatic

A amazing and great Typewriter typeface, Special Elite is designed by designer and typographer Asigmatic. Special Elite is available as a free download and can be used privately and commercially.

4.2  ·  307,435  ·  637  · 

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