8+ Best Free Stencil Fonts to Download in 2017

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What are Stencil Fonts?

The stencil fonts are rather simple to form since they are made of thick main strokes and breaks in the face. This typogrpahic style was made popular by artists who would use a stencil font to print their message on paper, cut out it's curves and use spray paint to copy the message on the wall in a similar form to graffiti art. Stencil classification has many digital versions which greatly vary by weight and style, making it rather easy for designers to find the one that fits their ccreative needs.

When to use Stencil Typefaces?

The stencil fonts can range from the huge, bold block-like letters to thinner kinked letters. This gives every innovative designer a chance to range their designs in between these or come up with other design types. They can vary in many imaginative ways depending on its intended use, it just has to keep the basic stencil form.

The stencil design can be used in various platforms from army crates to TV cartoon shows for kids. You simply have to select the stencil font that works for your platform. These typefaces only requires imagination in its use, without excluding it's use in artwork, government use, corporate use, social media platforms, graphic design and web design. While the original stencil font used by the military originally included only uppercase letters, the versions for 2017 are offering a full range of ligatures and characters for you to use.

What was the original use of Stencil Design?

The government has since its invention used the stencil design for army related platforms. Labelling and army branding has been done in the stencil design to date. This has been taken up by industries that want to bring out the army theme in any product from clothes to toys and games. The stencil font has been used to brand them. However, the stencil font can be used too for personal use like card making and other types of artwork. Corporates can use it on report cover pages or PowerPoint presentations.

The Best Stencil Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Stencil typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Stencil fonts in 2017
Sansation Bernd Montag TrueType 4.8
Capture It Cpr. Sparhelt TrueType 4.8
Cut Outs Casady &Greene TrueType 4.8
Boston Traffic Vic Fieger TrueType 4.7
Armalite Rifle Vic Fieger TrueType 4.5

Capture It Example

1. Capture It Font by Cpr. Sparhelt

Capture It's creative expert should be proud of this stencil typeface he built, as it is really beautiful and charming. We find it is solid, serious and visually appealing. It can be used in commercial designs or included in your CSS as a webfont.

4.8  ·  329,465  ·  682  · 

Sansation Typeface

2. Sansation Font by Bernd Montag

A elegant and breathtaking Stencil font, Sansation was developed by creative expert and creative professional Bernd Montag. Sansation is available as a free download and can be used privately and commercially.

4.8  ·  354,649  ·  734  · 

Boston Traffic Letters

3. Boston Traffic Font by Vic Fieger

Boston Traffic is another free font from a well known designer. Unlike some of the previous Stencil font this one is ideal for editorial design. It's free and comes in a truetype format.

4.7  ·  393,155  ·  814  · 

Armalite Rifle Characters

4. Armalite Rifle Font by Vic Fieger

This is one of the most elegant typeface, and was developed a well known designer. Unlike some of the previous Stencil font this one is ideal for restaurant menus. It's free and comes in a truetype format.

4.5  ·  189,319  ·  392  · 

Aldo Stencil

5. Aldo Font by The Northern Block

Aldo is another free font from a well known designer. Unlike some of the previous Stencil font this one is ideal for greeting cards. Feel free to use it in commercial projects, or as a webfont via CSS.

4.0  ·  237,066  ·  491  · 

Stencil Avril Lavigne

6. Avril Lavigne Font

A talented artist is the incredible creative professional behind the Avril Lavigne font. We find it's aesthetically appealing and bold, but has a friendly aesthetics, and looks especially good when used in print, such as in newspapers, vinyl wraps or in vinyl wraps. If you're into Stencil fonts, you should definitely check it out.

4.1  ·  219,347  ·  454  · 

Cut Outs Download

7. Cut Outs Font by Casady &Greene

Cut Outs is a free font that is developed by the established Casady &Greene. We find it is bold, highly adaptable and unassuming. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

4.8  ·  177,788  ·  368  · 

Octin Prison Free free

8. Octin Prison Free Font by Typodermic

Created by Typodermic, Octin Prison Free font has been developed who vowed: to develop the best font for use in mobile apps and digital graphics. While mobile usage is surpassing desktop in all parts of the world, you should definitely check out Octin Prison Free. If you're into Stencil fonts, you should definitely check it out.

4.1  ·  268,258  ·  555  · 

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