6+ Cool Retro Fonts: Best Free Downloads in 2017

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What are Retro Fonts?

Generally speaking, most people doesn't put too much thought into the fonts they are using. For most of bloggers and personal users, picking one to use is a simple matter of what we think is practical, or simply what we think is cool. However, for website designers, choosing a typeface to use for their creations is much more important than just picking out something simple or interesting. Different styles can invoke different emotions, or simply create particular atmospheres for the design itself. Choosing a font is an artist’s choice at its core, and our job is helping everyone do so by coming up with lists of best fonts to use across different styles and typography classifications.

One such group of fonts is known as the Retro font category. Generally speaking, retro styled fonts is what you turn to when you’re trying to achieve a vintage feel for your design. As far as graphic design is concerned, it focuses primarily on old style detailing. They are usually sharp and glossy, modeled after ole posters and such from a few decades ago. Obviously the options we have now in 2017 are merely imitating the original retro typefaces, but they do it pretty well, mostly selling their look with faded color schemes, and shapes, borders, textures, and ornamental designs that look like they jumped out of the Atari age.

When to use a Retro Font?

The reason retro fonts are popular, and the one aspect of design that they are so good at, is the way they blend information and design. They were really great at passing on information (as said previously they were usually used on posters) while still maintain a unique and cohesive design with the overall whole. They were especially used for titles, and that holds true in their prime purpose. The majority of retro typefaces are designed to be used in relatively large lettering, such as for titles or headings. That being the case, they aren’t the best choice for small sizes, and probably shouldn’t be used for regular text bodies and whatnot.

For whatever reason, retro design templates are making a serious comeback, just like many other things that have jumped back at us from the eighties. That said, there is more to retro website design than simply picking a font that matches the criteria for ‘retro.’ But this article isn’t really here to go over all of the different aspects of retro design in and of itself. For that, some personal research of your own will probably be required.

Summary: Definition of Retro Typography

That said, there are many different types of retro fonts out there, all with different aesthetic appeal and designs. They all have their pros and cons, most of which are up to simple opinion more than anything else, but deciding which one is best for any particular cause is completely up to you. The good news is that retro designs are fairly easy to come across throughout the internet, making it supremely easy to find a massive selection of fonts to choose from for whatever online design you may have in mind. Of course, whether or not you use them to their maximum effectiveness is up to you.

The Best Retro Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Retro typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Retro fonts in 2017
Seasideresort Nick's Fonts TrueType 4.8
Diner David Rakowski TrueType 4.8
Upper East Side David Rakowski TrueType 4.6
Fontleroy Brown Nick's Fonts TrueType 4.6
Deftone Stylus Larabie Fonts TrueType 4.4

Riesling Example

1. Riesling Font by Bright Ideas

Riesling is a free font that has been developed by the well-known Bright Ideas. We find it is easy to read, visually appealing and bold. Riesling is available as a free download and can be used privately and commercially.

4.0  ·  228,190  ·  472  · 

Diner Typeface

2. Diner Font by David Rakowski

Diner is a free typeface that is created by the industry expert David Rakowski. A great choice for letterheads, product packaging. It can be used in commercial designs or included in your CSS as a webfont.

4.8  ·  113,405  ·  235  · 

Deftone Stylus Letters

3. Deftone Stylus Font by Larabie Fonts

Deftone Stylus was created by Larabie Fonts and, says the community, 'aims to create a free alternative to the established fonts from the Retro fonts category'. This free Retro comes in a truetype format.

4.4  ·  374,765  ·  776  · 

Upper East Side Characters

4. Upper East Side Font by David Rakowski

Upper East Side is another free typeface from a well known designer. It has friendly design that can be used for landing pages, digital graphics and much more. This free Retro comes in a truetype format.

4.6  ·  227,461  ·  471  · 

Seasideresort Retro

5. Seasideresort Font by Nick's Fonts

A talented artist is the well-known font developer behind the Seasideresort font. This retro typeface is a great use in catalogs and digital graphics. It's free and comes in a truetype format.

4.8  ·  311,872  ·  646  · 

Retro Fontleroy Brown

6. Fontleroy Brown Font by Nick's Fonts

What I liked about Fontleroy Brown is how it's lines intervene to form a unique design, looking like Nick's Fonts was trying to establish a synergy from it's lines while creating ligatures for this font. It comes in a free file that is suitable for a wide array of applications.

4.6  ·  249,726  ·  517  · 

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