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Pixel fonts are also known as screen fonts and were initially designed to view fonts in small sizes quickly. Most fonts when in small sizes are not clear to read. The pixel font is very clear and of sharp focus in small sizes. Their basic design is formed in squares so as to enable a clear and sharp focus of the written character.

Unlike most font that can be used for different purposes like for computers, artwork and designs the pixel font was specifically designed for the computer screen. The computer screen. Simply because of the need for a font that is clear and legible in small font on a computer screen.

Pixel design

The original pixel design has evolved by being designed into different styles to make it more appealing and exciting. It does not have to be restricted to its fundamental reason for design it can be made to work in other designs too. 

Most pixel font designs, however, retain the square nature of the original pixel font style to retail the sharp focus. It isn’t pixel font if it does not have a sharp focus on the computer screen. The design, however, was initially designed for the low ray display screens.

Out of necessity the pixel font was created and has brought about the designing of many fantastic pixel font styles that can work for a unique set of writers. The pixel font designs are mainly designed for instances where the font size required should be small. Therefore making them in different designs brings about diversity in their appearance but still retaining their most important basic feature.

Where to Get Pixel Font Styles

The pixel font style like all other fonts can be easily acquired online. We have created a list for 2017 that offer the pixel font designs some for free.

Acquiring the pixel font for commercial purposes though will require a commercial license. Most of the fonts we feature have this license, but you should confirm after downloading the font just to make sure.

Where to Use the Pixel Font?

Not just the scoreboard or the computer screen. Pixel font has found its way into many artistic designs for personal and corporate use. They can be made in different designs and sizes even though designed for small sizes. Their clarity presents an opportunity for many individuals and business firms.

Product branding through sports and games has always been a fantastic and fruitful idea. Using the pixel font makes this eve more stylish and vintage at the same time. With the current craze of retro and vintage, the pixel is font has gained the popularity in such endeavors.

Most times reading from screens can be tiring and without a sharp focus on letters reading becomes a lot more tiring. Using the pixel font for all your on-screen reading material will help reduce the strain that comes with excessive reading. This is a great font for readers, students, and nerds. You can also personal design your font to the size that you prefer.

The Best Pixel Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Pixel typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Pixel fonts in 2017

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