Best New Monospace Fonts for 2017 (11+ Free Downloads)

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What are Monospace Fonts?

There are a lot of fonts out there. Of course, this refers to the different types of specific typography styles that you may encounter while working in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or other software products. There are also some general design styles and type classifications that anyone looking to dive deeper into the subject of typography should know about. These are specific categories of fonts that abide by certain qualities, more so than specific typefaces in and of themselves.

One such category is Monospace Fonts, which have their specific qualities to themselves and are characterized by it's proportions and measurments of each character's design. This makes monospace a highly specialized style to begin with.

First of all, monospace fonts may occasionally go by other terms, including fixed-pitch, fixed-width, or non-proportional design. In short, monospaced typefaces are the ones in which each character occupies the same amount of horizontal space, no matter what. This is completely different from variable spaced typography, in which letters and characters are all different in size, proportion and width. This does not necessarily mean that each individual letter will be the same horizontal size, however, it does mean that their horizontal margins in relation to one another and to any spaces will be the same.

When to use a Monospaced Font?

However, this style in typography is almost entirely reserved for Western character sets. Eastern styles don’t exactly work well with this method of spacing, for various reasons. While this is probably not a problem for designers in the western parts, it is something to consider regardless, if you know you will have a hand in such designs in the future.

Of course, it may seem strange that these types of monospace fonts were created in the first place. After all, variable fonts are much more widespread, but at the time of their conception, monospaced ones were actually quite sensible. They were originally designed because typewriters could make better efficient use of the space they had available. It also served a very practical purpose, in the sense that the various arms of a typewriter didn’t truly function correctly without this type of spacing to optimize how everything worked. In short, it makes it much easier to manage than variable type letters simply because everything is uniformly spaced.

Fast forward to year 2017, we are mostly seeing this font used in programming circles, because code is much more readable this way. This made monospace typography the top choice for developers around the world.

Definition of Monospace Typography

The long and short of the matter is that monospace fonts can be used to great effect when easy to read, easy to comprehend typography is required in some way, shape, or form. They can be especially useful for those who may not have the best vision, as there is less room for mistakes and confusion when there is even spacing amongst all letters. However, this also means that these typefaces are guaranteed to take up more space than variable fonts. This is obviously because the space in-between each and every letter is equal, meaning that even smaller letters, such as I, will take the same amount of page space as a letter like O. In this sense monospace typography also have a drawback, but whether or not that outweighs the benefits is up to each individual themselves.

The Best Monospace Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Monospace typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Monospace fonts in 2017
Pro Font Windows SQ Software TrueType 4.8
Lekton Dziedzic TrueType 4.8
Droid Sans Mono Google Android TrueType 4.7
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bitstream TrueType 4.6
Monospace Typewriter Manfred Klein Fonteria TrueType 4.6

Inconsolata Example

1. Inconsolata Font by Raph Levien

A monospace typeface with a modern twist, Inconsolata was developed by type designer, creative expert and designer Raph Levien. Inconsolata is available as a free download and can be used privately and commercially.

4.5  ·  373,131  ·  773  · 

Anonymous Pro Typeface

2. Anonymous Pro Font by Mark Simonson

Anonymous Pro is another free typeface from a well known designer. We find it's unassuming and easy to read, but has a friendly tone, and looks especially good when used in print, such as in catalogs, leaflets or in letterheads. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

4.3  ·  383,640  ·  794  · 

Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Letters

3. Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Font by Bitstream

A monospace font with a modern twist, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono was designed by font developer, typographer and font developer Bitstream. It's free and comes in a truetype format.

4.6  ·  229,449  ·  475  · 

Droid Sans Mono Characters

4. Droid Sans Mono Font by Google Android

This is one of the most beautiful font, and was created a well known designer. Unlike some of the previous Monospace typeface this one is ideal for branding. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

4.7  ·  146,571  ·  303  · 

Liberation Mono Monospace

5. Liberation Mono Font by Red Hat

A monospace font with a modern twist, Liberation Mono was created by font designer, graphic designer and type designer Red Hat. The font can be used for both personal and commercial purposes but it cannot be redistributed or sold.

4.5  ·  280,112  ·  580  · 

Monospace Latin Modern Mono

6. Latin Modern Mono Font by GUST e-foundry

Named 'the next classic in the Monospace style', Latin Modern Mono is a whimsical typeface that was built by GUST e-foundry. This free Monospace comes in a opentype format.

4.3  ·  202,087  ·  418  · 

Luxi Mono Download

7. Luxi Mono Font by Bigelow &Holmes

A elegant and incredible Monospace typeface, Luxi Mono has been developed by type designer and type designer Bigelow &Holmes. The font can be used for both personal and commercial purposes but it cannot be redistributed or sold.

4.0  ·  125,839  ·  261  · 

Monospace Typewriter free

8. Monospace Typewriter Font by Manfred Klein Fonteria

A talented artist is the famous font designer behind the Monospace Typewriter typeface. Unlike some of the previous Monospace typeface this one is ideal for merchandising. Feel free to use it in commercial projects, or as a webfont via CSS.

4.6  ·  279,623  ·  579  · 

Monospace typography Anonymous

9. Anonymous Font by Mark Simonson

A talented artist is the industry expert creative professional behind the Anonymous font. We find it is easy to read, visually appealing and highly adaptable. It comes in a free file that is suitable for a wide array of applications.

4.1  ·  194,726  ·  403  · 

Pro Font Windows Font

10. Pro Font Windows Font by SQ Software

A monospace font with a modern twist, Pro Font Windows was developed by digital professional, font designer and designer SQ Software. Thinking of using it in commercial client work? No worries, it's allowed.

4.8  ·  145,258  ·  301  · 

Lekton Example

11. Lekton Font by Dziedzic

Lekton was developed by Dziedzic and, says the designer, 'tries to create a free alternative to the better known typefaces from the Monospace fonts category'. Dziedzic placed a 'free' price tag on this truetype typeface.

4.8  ·  272,534  ·  564  · 

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