Top 13 Handwriting Fonts for Free Download (2017)

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What are Handwriting Fonts?

Handwriting fonts are a way to mimic true handwriting. The text is rather informal and often gives off a rather calligraphy-like vibe. These typefaces are more personal, and are often used for things such as Valentine’s Day cards. Essentially, handwritten typefaces are a creative way to type information. The various personal touches in each individual’s real handwriting is still relevant in the world of typography and can even be created from each person’s individual writing style. This has even proven a common practice among professional type designers.

Common examples of handwriting on the web

The most common handwriting fonts are cursive or script, rather than straight print. The intricacies, thicknesses, and cursive styles are dependent upon the typeface itself. These typefaces are a very casual style and send a message of friendliness. This can work to add a more personal touch when trying to express such a sentiment. Handwriting fonts mimic the personalization of a hand written document, without needing to physically handwrite. The exact style of handwriting can be mimicked with a typeface once it has been generated from the actual person's handwritten note, letter or script.

When to use a Handwriting Font?

As most creative people consider them unusual, they still make a bold statement to readers in 2017. The intense attention received allows great readability as there is full focus on the text being read. The unique and personal feel of handwriting typefaces creates more heartwarming characters that convey emotion to readers. Designers can easily achieve different emotion in their designs by simply using a different typeface of this style. Some are heartwarming and sweet, while others are spooky and strange. The choice of font is dependent upon intent.

One of the places handwriting fonts can be found is on websites. It is often within the website’s design to have them on the page in large letters. This draws in readers with the unusual ornateness involved in the lettering. The characters reflect a rather quirky and elegant appearance.

These fonts are also often seen with business logos as well. Many company logos in 2017 utilize the personal nature of handwriting letters in order to create a better bond with customers and reflect the personal nature of the business.

Handwriting Typography Definition

When trying to create the effect of a personal handwriting on a web page, whether it is on web sticky notes, signatures or creating graphics, these typefaces are able to accomplish the job. Resembling a handwriting with the use of one of these typefaces creates a greater informality and a more casual, comfortable look. This can be great for businesses looking to make a more personal connection with customers in 2017, or for those looking to add personalization to text and graphics.

Handwritten fonts are a way to add a dash of human to a typically formal and standardized appearing text. When looking to create more personalized message with a more realistic appearance of genuine handwriting, choosing characters like the ones below are the way to go. Every person has a very personal, stylized form of writing and these fonts very much reflect this.

The Best Handwriting Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Handwriting typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Handwriting fonts in 2017
Top Secret Philippe Cochy TrueType 4.8
Snickles Tup Wandres TrueType 4.7
Permanent Marker Font Diner TrueType 4.7
Rock Salt Sideshow TrueType 4.6
Amatic Vernon Adams TrueType 4.6

Jenna Sue Example

1. Jenna Sue Font by Janna Sue Design

A talented artist is the industry expert font developer behind the Jenna Sue typeface. It has elegant design that can be used for e-mail marketing assets, banner ads and much more. This free Handwriting comes in a truetype format.

4.5  ·  393,549  ·  815  · 

Amatic Typeface

2. Amatic Font by Vernon Adams

A talented artist is the respected digital professional behind the Amatic typeface. We find it is aesthetically appealing, highly adaptable and dependable. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

4.6  ·  236,114  ·  489  · 

Permanent Marker Letters

3. Permanent Marker Font by Font Diner

A handwriting typeface with a modern twist, Permanent Marker was designed by font developer, typographer and digital professional Font Diner. This free Handwriting comes in a truetype format.

4.7  ·  275,106  ·  570  · 

Rock Salt Characters

4. Rock Salt Font by Sideshow

Rock Salt is created by Sideshow and, based on the author, 'aims to create a free alternative to the established fonts from the Handwriting fonts category'. It can be used in commercial designs or included in your CSS as a webfont.

4.6  ·  182,090  ·  377  · 

Architects Daughter Handwriting

5. Architects Daughter Font by Kimberly Geswein

A talented artist is the well-known creative professional behind the Architects Daughter typeface. Unlike some of the previous Handwriting font this one is ideal for leaflets. Feel free to use it in commercial projects, or as a webfont via CSS.

4.5  ·  348,411  ·  721  · 

Handwriting Top Secret

6. Top Secret Font by Philippe Cochy

Top Secret is a free font that is designed by the respected Philippe Cochy. We find it is easy to read, web safe and highly adaptable. It should be noted that it comes in a truetype file format.

4.8  ·  337,626  ·  699  · 

Good Dog Download

7. Good Dog Font by Fonthead Design

A friendly and elegant Handwriting typeface, Good Dog was designed by font designer and font developer Fonthead Design. Thinking of using it in commercial client work? No worries, it's allowed.

4.4  ·  383,665  ·  794  · 

Daniel free

8. Daniel Font by Daniel Midgley

Daniel's type designer should be proud of this handwriting typeface he designed, as it is really popular and unique. We find it is unassuming, solid and highly adaptable. Thinking of using it in commercial client work? No worries, it's allowed.

4.0  ·  292,755  ·  606  · 

Handwriting typography Eraser

9. Eraser Font by David Rakowski

Idea for the great Eraser typeface came from a one-night's inspiration of who pledging to make this eye-catching typeface a reality. Unlike some of the previous Handwriting typeface this one is ideal for leaflets. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

4.5  ·  343,725  ·  712  · 

Snickles Font

10. Snickles Font by Tup Wandres

Snickles is a free typeface from a well known designer. Versatile ligatures makes it perfect for logos, merchandising, greeting cards and flyers. Feel free to use it in commercial projects, or as a webfont via CSS.

4.7  ·  155,262  ·  321  · 

Fff Tusj Example

11. Fff Tusj Font by Magnus Cederholm

Fff Tusj is a free font that is designed by the popular Magnus Cederholm. It is easy to read and dependable, but manages a friendly feel to it, and looks especially good when used in print, such as in editorial design, editorial design or in catalogs. If you're into Handwriting fonts, you should definitely check it out.

4.5  ·  853,800  ·  1,768  · 

Cabinsketch Typeface

12. Cabinsketch Font by Pablo Impallari

Cabinsketch's digital professional should be proud of this handwriting font he built, as it is really great and astonishing. Unlike some of the previous Handwriting font this one is ideal for flyers. Feel free to use it in commercial projects, or as a webfont via CSS.

4.5  ·  318,573  ·  660  · 

Note This Letters

13. Note This Font by West Wind Fonts

A charming and breathtaking Handwriting font, Note This has been created by digital professional and font developer West Wind Fonts. West wind fonts placed a 'free' price tag on this truetype typeface.

4.3  ·  386,635  ·  800  · 

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