Best New Fancy Fonts for 2017 (8+ Free Downloads)

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What are Fancy Fonts?

You may not think that the type of typography that you choose is very important, but the fact is that the font that you choose actually tells a lot about what you are doing. Every single typeface has a very specific purpose and without realizing this, you may make some big mistakes in your design. For instance, you would never use crazy looking fonts or other script style fonts for writing important school papers. You would never use a casual font for a formal setting. If you need something a little bit more formal, you will need to use a fancy font which has a little bit more elegance to it than other choices.

Fancy fonts are script style typefaces that tend to be used more for formal things like invitations or other similar item that may require writing that resembles the class usually associated with calligraphy art. Calligraphy is a highly desired talent for wedding invitations, as well as bridal or baby shower invitations. That is because there is a high level of elegance that will be required for these types of events, especially if they are more formal engagements. It can really create a feeling of what the event requires for attire when this very fancy style of font is used, which is why it is a particularly preferred choice in 2017 typography.

When to use a Fancy Font?

This is also a style of typeface that can be often used by professionals in their industry. They will tend to use it for their invitation to formal events that are put on by the company. Fancy fonts are also typically used for marketing materials for a business or in advertisements on the web to catch a user's attention. Logo designs and signage often feature this typography style to convey a specific feeling from a reader. Business cards and advertisement graphics are another frequent use case for fancy typefaces.

Examples of fancy typography

Even on television shows you may see that they choose fancier script style typefaces for their show’s title when it is shown on the title screen. For instance, the show “American Idol” used a fancy font for their show’s title whenever it was shown on television. When shows use this typography style for their titles, this is their way of marketing the show as a brand for people to remember. This does not just apply to television shows. Think of the Coca-Cola Company logo on their products - it's is designed using a fancy typeface. These are all real world examples of people using fancy script style typography.

Definition of Fancy Typeface Style

As you can see, fancy fonts do have a specific use for them. These are all examples of how this design style can be used in real world applications. They are perfect choices when a designer is trying to convey a level of elegance with whatever product that you are using or if you have some formal event that you are trying to set the bar for. These are all things that can help you understand how to effectively use this style, which can make a huge difference in whatever you are doing.

The Best Fancy Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Fancy typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Fancy fonts in 2017
Modern Pictograms John Caserta OpenType 4.8
Quicksand Andrew Paglinawan OpenType 4.8
Bagarozz Roberto Cecchi TrueType 4.6
Wc Sold Out A Bta WC Fonts TrueType 4.5
Combi Numerals Ltd FontSite Inc. OpenType 4.5

Quicksand Example

1. Quicksand Font by Andrew Paglinawan

What we like about Quicksand is how it's glyphs create a mix of lines to form a unique shape. Making it look like Andrew Paglinawan was trying to maintain a synergy between it's lines while developing ligatures for this typeface. Feel free to use it in commercial projects, or as a webfont via CSS.

4.8  ·  886,009  ·  1,834  · 

Web Symbols Typeface

2. Web Symbols Font by Just Be Nice Studio

Thing I love about Web Symbols is how it's lines come together to form a unique proportion, looking like Just Be Nice Studio was trying to establish a synergy within it's lines while designing ligatures for this typeface. It should be noted that it comes in a opentype file format.

4.2  ·  212,943  ·  441  · 

Kfon Letters

3. Kfon Font by N Plus

Kfon's font designer should be proud of this fancy typeface he created, as it is really great and great. Unlike some of the previous Fancy typeface this one is ideal for leaflets. Kfon is available as a free download and can be used privately and commercially.

4.3  ·  288,947  ·  598  · 

Symbol Signs Characters

4. Symbol Signs Font by Sander Baumann

Announced as 'the next classic within the Fancy classification', Symbol Signs is a solid font that is created by Sander Baumann. It's free and comes in a opentype format.

4.2  ·  188,267  ·  390  · 

Combi Numerals Ltd Fancy

5. Combi Numerals Ltd Font by FontSite Inc.

A fancy typeface with a modern twist, Combi Numerals Ltd was designed by digital professional, creative expert and font designer FontSite Inc.. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

4.5  ·  159,810  ·  331  · 

Fancy Modern Pictograms

6. Modern Pictograms Font by John Caserta

Modern Pictograms's graphic designer should be proud of this fancy typeface he created, as it is really refreshing and incredible. A great choice for logos, product packaging. It's free and comes in a opentype format.

4.8  ·  265,387  ·  549  · 

Wc Sold Out A Bta Download

7. Wc Sold Out A Bta Font by WC Fonts

Wc Sold Out A Bta is built by WC Fonts and, says the critics, 'is looking to create a free alternative to the proprietary fonts from the Fancy fonts category'. Feel free to use it in commercial projects, or as a webfont via CSS.

4.5  ·  351,401  ·  728  · 

Bagarozz free

8. Bagarozz Font by Roberto Cecchi

A talented artist is the well-known font designer behind the Bagarozz font. It looks great in both print and on-screen designs. It comes in a free file that is suitable for a wide array of applications.

4.6  ·  337,082  ·  698  · 

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