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If you’ve ever read a text that isn’t written in your native language or even one that has been translated from a foreign language, then you’ll know that every language has a different set of rules for writing. We are all different with our own aspects and our authentic individuality that sometimes we seem to forget that we are all human; that we all need help from one another.

Africa’s free spirit in a typeface – Ubuntu Font

Ubuntu is the Zulu word for the phrase ‘I am because of who we are’. It is a phrase that has been coined in Africa in order to bring its citizens closer to their roots. It is the slogan of many people, especially those living in the Southern tip of Africa where countries have been ravaged by colonialism. All these countries have now achieved freedom and Ubuntu is the word used to bring everyone together.

In an international sense, it is a word that ties us all together. The concept of brotherhood and Ubuntu go hand in hand, and it reminds us that we are all humans. We all have flaws, different beliefs systems, different languages and different backgrounds, but we are all still equal human beings.

The concept of Ubuntu was expanded into the Ubuntu Project to exert its philosophy and touch the hearts of millions across the globe. In the spirit of this idea, the Ubuntu font has been created as part of this project and is still used by Google today. Isn’t that a nice thought to type a document on?

Connecting font characters in a unique way

Just as the philosophy encourages us to connect and reach out to one another, so does this font bring all the words, characters, and spacing together on one single page. It creates a unified look that is neutral and can be used for absolutely anything.

Ubuntu font’s flexibility fits so perfectly with the fact that humans can’t exist without one another, just like sentences can’t exist without other words.

The overall design of the Ubuntu font is open, honest, and clear so that it works best on websites, computer applications, and mobile browsers. It always displays an easy reading style that no one will have a problem with. Its basic format makes this font elegant and sophisticated in its own self, and it reminds us that sometimes less is more when it comes to creating something.

Download Ubuntu Font by Dalton Maag

Apart from its bold impact on a text, the Ubuntu Font supports all languages and keeps true to its spirit. This supports the notion of electronic Ubuntu – that every user in the world has the right to browse the web in his or her own language. The Ubuntu Family Project is far from finished and it still holds promise of many more branches to be added.

The creators of this font, Dalton Maag, are a renowned typeface company, employing only the best font designers in the world. They take pride in exerting their passion for legible fonts into the work they do and they never serve anything but the best. The fact that they have involved themselves in the Ubuntu Project shows that no company is too ‘corporate’ make their hands charitable.

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