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Humanist Fonts are the most realistic when it comes to fonts as it incorporates real looking calligraphy. These fonts feature true italics as opposed to Ligatures (are binding methods that form a font such as glyphs and graphemes) and Obliques (slanted style font that leans usually to the right).

The Trebuchet font stems from the group of humanist fonts and is also a typeface.

How Did The Trebuchet Font Come About?

The Trebuchet Font’s name stems from an ancient siege engine from the Middle Ages. Siege engines where designed and built to break down walls and forts so that lands and territories could be taken over.

The Trebuchet was designed for Microsoft, by Vincent Connare in 1996, a typeface designer who was also responsible the fonts Comic Sans and Trebuchet MS. The former Windows employee also said that his inspiration for the Trebuchet Font came from various such as motorway signage and typefaces such as Akzidenz Grotesk and Alternate Gothic.

The font was also designed to be a comfortable and eligible font on computers such as Windows, so you can get your messages across with ease and not have to worry about poor readability.

Differences between Typeface and Font

Fonts and Typefaces differ in some ways one from the other.

A font derives from a Typeface and has similar characteristics as seen in the Typeface. The typeface takes the lead when it comes to design characteristics and stroke features. It also influences how the numbers will look.

Typefaces are also called “Sans” or “Serif” and includes the likes of; Goudy Old Style, Georgia, Joanna, Times New Roman, Adobe Jenson and more.

Characteristics of The Trebuchet MS

Vincent Connare aimed to mimic what was said in a Microsoft Quiz “could you build a Trebuchet to launch a person from the main campus to the consumer campus, and how?” The Trebuchet MS also maintains unique features that distinguish it from other Sans such as MS and Veranda. The design of the typeface trebuchet holds its own at being unique as well as retaining the ability of being eligible and readable.

Trebuchet MS was made available on Windows 2000, Internet Explorer 4.0 as well as on Mac OS X, iOS as well as Chrome OS. In 2010 Ascender Corp, an American software development and typeface designing company extended the Trebuchet. This extension featured even more capabilities for the Typeface such as small caps, text figures and styling features.

The Trebuchet is a great invention for all onscreen uses, whether you’re reading an ebook with the possibility to change the font or whether you simply composing a document to send later, the Trebuchet MS is ideal.

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