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Free fonts often act as umbrellas for other types of fonts. The parent font is often designed by one person and published to an online platform. Thereafter it is made open for use and modification by others. Many typeface artists start their careers by practicing and improving an already existing font before creating an original.

The most improved typeface – Raleway Font

The Raleway font is one such example that can be used to give concrete evidence of the above explanation. It has been branched out into its own little family and many creators have worked on its format. The pro of it having multiple designers is that it is given an open view to readers and writers. It isn’t confined to only one person’s set of thoughts and constructions but it encompasses a wide range of different ideas, perspectives, and structures.

The font was originally designed by the great Matt McInerney and was later taken up by the likes of Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida. All of these creators contributed something special and unique to this specific typeface family, whether it was an improvement, a modification, or a whole new font branch to be added to the tree.

Raleway’s first design was very basic, yet still effective. It stood tall as a thin structure without any additional weights to be added onto it.

McInerney is a qualified typeface artist who has already desigined logos for huge names such as the NFL tournament. He is in charge of his own blog and frequently lists his new projects online for readers to see what he has designed, apart from Raleway. He designed the original in the hope to create a simple font that does the job for both formal and informal documents.

Download Raleway Font, the timeless typeface

The design of Raleway is very old school but it’s something that won’t ever go out of style. Its numerals, ligatures, diacritics, and styles are built on traditional sans serif methods, but spiced up by mixing it with a touch of geometric lining. The result is neo-grotesque that is very flexible and always appears elegant.

In 2012 the Raleway font family expanded when it adopted two new designers. With the guidance of Impallari and Fuenzalida, and the help of Marini they added 9 different weights to this font. This really helped excel the font and helped it grow into something that was never envisioned for it. The 9 weights are thin, extra light, light, normal, medium, semi-bold, bold, extra bold, and ultra-bold.

Impallari also took it upon himself to create a whole new font for Raleway. He introduced Raleway Dots as an exciting new modification to the original Raleway. The font is compromises old school lines and styles, but it is completely made up of miniscule dots. They are almost invisible to the eye from a distance and in smaller size, but as you enlarge the typeface size, you can clearly see the fine interwoven pattern that these dots create. This sister font works great as headlines on massive posters.

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