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Everything around us can be used to enrich our lives. Trees are used for paper, plants are used for medicine, and animals are used for food in order to sustain healthy diets. Whether you want to believe it or not, we are part of this Earth and it is part of us. We use it every day in all we do. We even use it to draw inspiration.

In the ocean of fonts, Pacifico rides its own wave

The Earth gave birth to the oceans and this is exactly what inspired the Pacifico Font. The name is derived from the word ‘pacific’ which, of course, it the largest ocean on our planet. From the beach life was born in the form of music, literature, food, sport, and so much more. This is what we call pure beach culture.

The beach culture exploded onto the scene in the ‘50s with surfers making a name for themselves and the Beach Boys absorbing the mellow vibes that the waves pushed out to the shore. This chilled and relaxed atmosphere still permeates our beaches today and you can easily see why.

There is nothing better than sitting in a chair, looking at the soft swells of the ocean and sipping on your favourite cocktail. That’s the inspiration for the Pacifico Font.

Pacifico Font is a typeface that yells ‘Aloha!’

This is exactly the type of feeling the creator wanted to create with the Pacifico Font. He wanted people to be able to have fun in their reading and writing, and chill out while they do so. This font is great for party invitations, wedding announcements, open letters, and other informal documents.

If the background of Pacifico font doesn’t attract you, then the look of it definitely will. This font says ‘Aloha!’ in its rawest form by carefree and loose designs. The brush stroke of the letters will inspire you to never stop writing and it lends an elegant yet, funky undertone to any document. Even though it might be based on a culture that started 60 years ago, there is definitely nothing outdated about it.

Download Pacifico Font by Vernon Adams

The designer of this font, the great Vernon Adams, wanted to create this to break the formalities of writing on the computer for the website. He has always had an interest in fonts and how to design cloud-based typefaces for the web. He takes pride in being able to help web designers achieve the goal of creating elegant pieces that can be put on the internet.

He studied Typeface Design at Reading University in the United Kingdom, and he went on to study Fine Art at Vestlands Kunstakademi in Norway. He is a qualified typeface designer and frequently designs fonts for Google. He has created over 15 fonts.

P.S. On May 23, 2014 the designer, Vernon Adams, was involved a serious scooter accident on his way home to see his family. If you’d like to donate a small amount for Vernon’s recovery, feel free to head over to his website and learn more.

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