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Lobster – the most popular free font family

Fonts are often more complex than they appear to be. Many of them are ‘related’ to each other and belong to certain families. It is for this reason that you may notice some similarities between the different fonts that you use. Think of typefaces as a family tree. They all have a common ancestor, but as they are extended and advanced, as they adopt their own unique set of features.

From these unique and developed fonts, it’s almost as it the family tree starts over. The developed font becomes a parent and produces a ‘child’ or discovers a sibling. Designers often take inspiration from other fonts in order to create a totally new one, thus producing something innovative with the best characteristics of both parents.

Many designers often take their own typefaces and extend them. Some creators might feel that they need to work on something new then they just add a few characteristics to the existing font without destroying it completely. Or they feel that they could have designed the former better, but it wouldn’t make sense to destroy a published typeface. Many designers follow these routes and create their own intra-related family trees of different but related fonts.

Download Lobster Two, a truly unique typeface

This is what the great Pablo Impallari, the designer of the Lobster font decided to do. He expanded the Lobster family and added a new addition, humbly called Lobster Two. They both share striking similarities, yet they are unique and have their own set of independent designs. The one is merely an extension of the other without completely rendering its parent font useless.

The original free Lobster font was designed in OpenType format (OTF) which opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it came to typing letters. Each letter has multiple versions available to the writer and we, in fact, become the artist. We have the chance to use a different variation of a single letter each time we use the font so that we can choose the best look for our document. This happens by using the typeface in any browser that supports ligatures.

The introduction of the new font in the Lobster font family was an instant hit. The differences made to the original weren’t drastic, but the small change in detail definitely has another effect. The new font is slightly thinner and the writing is more feminine than the Lobster font. This makes for a typeface that stays bold, but lends elegance to the document being written.

Designed by the great Pablo Impallari, himself.

The designer of these fonts, famous Pablo Impallari, is a self-taught typeface designer and he has been running his own website since 2009. He claims that his passion is creating different fonts and seeing how far he can stretch the limits of the format we write in.

Although famous, Pablo is humble, frequently mentioning that he learns from others, even from the work of the very first typeface artist who designed the first font 500 years ago.

The Lobster Two font is paired well with the following typefaces: Open Sans, Lato, Oswald, PT Sans, Playfair Display, Volkorn, Lora, Abril Fatface, PT Serif, and Source Sans Pro.

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