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The best names for things are usually taken from the creator’s immediate surroundings. This doesn’t only give one more information about the creation itself but also about the creator, his possible story as well as his background. Together these elements are combined to supply greater insight as to why a certain object has been created.

This is the exact case when it comes to the Lato Font. Its designer is Polish and drawing from his own language he managed to name this font as authentically as he possibly could. The word ‘lato’ means ‘summer’ in Polish which was the season in which the designer created this typeface.

Hotter than the summer sun — Lato Font

Polish summers aren’t known as the warmest season under the sun, but they do bring some relief to the citizens of this little country and make everybody happy for a few months. During this break between the cold weather, citizens rejoice in the warmer temperatures and this brings a warmer smile to everyone’s lives.

Just like summer (“lato” means “summer” in Polish), this font breathes fresh life into any type of document.

Even though it is part of the sans serif family of fonts, it is still a unique typeface in its own right. Just like summer it creeps up in its small stages but when it gets bigger and expands, then one can clearly see why this font resembles the friendliest season out of all 4.

Lato is one of the most popular sans serif fonts

From afar, it seems like your normal sans serif type font, but when you look closer you can definitely see a distinction between its parent typefaces. Lato is equipped with a softer rounding to represent the blooming of the flowers in spring and summer. Its strong structure contradicts this feeling, however, and lends a touch of stability to the document. The designer himself commented that it could be seen as the coming together of male and female: friendly and strong.

The designer, the great Łukasz Dziedzic, is Polish born and based in Warsaw. For the past 10 years he has been creating typefaces like Lato as a particular solution to a task that needs solving. Emphasising the contradictory nature of this font, he says that he wanted to create a font that is transparent when it is smaller, but as it gets larger the writer and reader will be able to see notable differences.

Download Lato font by the great Łukasz Dziedzic

By using these classical proportions he managed to create a harmony between the different letters and characters that make up this specific typeface. He created a sleek look without really following a trend and since its creation in 2010 it has seen a number of significant upgrades. It now includes an Extended Latin subset with over 100 characters along with the original Cyrillic languages. It also supports Greek and IPA Phonetics.

Starting out as a project for a large corporate company, Lato has followed the footsteps of many other fonts designed by Dziedzic. He has created numerous fonts for different companies including Google that they use on their different interfaces. He is thinking about extending the Lato font family into something even more amazing. We’re definitely excited to follow the work of this great designer and are eager to see his next creation.

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