Impact Font Download & Free Alternatives

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The Impact font has been around since 1965 having been invented by Geoffrey Lee and released by the Stephenson Blake foundry of Sheffield which was active right up until 2005. It is a realist sans-serif type case and it is now more recognizable as the popular font of memes everywhere.

It is one of the standard fonts that comes standard with pretty much every programme.

Imoact Font is one of the most popular headline fonts

It is pretty popular as a header and it does have its positives. It grabs someone’s attention, it is easy to read and it is striking, but… it’s too thin and it looks pretty amateurish if you were to use it as the body of your content. Think about the times you see it used and you will understand why. It crops up in office handouts and mailing lists, not in professional logos or public documents. It’s just too compact to be of any real use for anyone, unless you are in the business of memes in which case — have an impact! I would suggest finding a font that stands out more, though.

Informal nature of the Impact Typeface

There is plenty of evidence around what feelings or impressions a font can give off. Sans serif fonts are generally viewed as informal, playful and are not suited to someone trying to give off a serious vibe about their business.

I know my friends and I share eye rolls and jokes about people that use comic sans, because what possible reason would anyone have to do so unless perhaps they are trying to drum up business for their clown show. In fact, remember when the “God Particle” was announced and the results on twitter were that everyone was talking about the fact they used comic sans in the announcement, rather than about the actual discovery?

Is Impact the right font for your next project?

The choice of font can really impact your reading experience and the enjoyment that you find on any given website. We have all been there with a website that uses a tedious, difficult to read font and even if the subject has been really interesting there have been times I have given up half way through because I just can’t deal with the font. You’ll see from that link that they used impact on a site to show how muddled the information comes across. You want to keep your reader’s attention on the content you are providing, not on what font you have decided to use.

So, in summary Impact is ideal for memes because it is totally legible at a large size and other fonts might come to snatch its meme crown, but they probably won’t succeed because now Impact is a meme of its own.

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