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Gill Sans is an old Sans-Serif typeface , designed by Eric Gill in the 1920’s in Britain Europe. He was a man of many creative talents hands on and crafty. Eric Gill was a stonecutter, sculptor, printmaker and later typeface designer.

History of the Gill Sans Font

The typeface was officially released by the British monotype in 1928 and was greatly inspired by Edward Johnston’s Johnston Sans. Edward Johnston was also Eric Gill’s mentor and it was under Johnston’s training where Eric was inspired and gained various additional skills in the typeface industry. Typefaces are used everywhere and forms the bases of a family of fonts. The Gill Sans font was first used in England for the London Underground project and later became more and more popular and used as the selected font on posters as well as many shop fronts.

Some Insight To Understanding The Design with Weights and Widths

The term weight and width can be seen throughout the typeface industry. The weight determines how the typeface will look in a bold manner; it is an assessment of how heavy the strokes may be. This aspect may change the way the letters initially looks and how much space they might occupy on a display surface.

What Makes Gill Sans Special?

Gill Sans script has many variations these variations span from light to bold such as the following:

  1. This is quite a great font and eligible too – Gill Sans MT
  2. This is quite a great font and eligible too – Condensed
  3. This is quite a great font and eligible too – Ultra Bold

Gill Sans has many other variations such as Gill Sans Std Book Italic, Gill Sans Std Roman, Gill Sans Std Heavy Italic, Gill Sans Std Shadowed, Gill Sans Std Infant, Gill Sans Pro Book, Gill Sans Pro Cyrillic Light and so much more, virtually over 20 variants. One can purchase additional Gill Sands online or make use of the variants already within Microsoft Windows’s MS Word Software Program.

Microsoft and The Gill Sans Typeface

Digital versions of Gill Sans can be seen on MS Word with a latest version updated for Windows 10 featuring regular, medium and bold weights. The Gill Sans Nova is the latest version of the typeface, releases in 2015. It displays even more flexibility and usage, with an ultra lightweight. Monotype launched Gill Sans Nova in honor of the founding father of the typeface with an exhibition of Eric Gill’s work, similar to what they did back in the 1950’s.

Conclusion about the Gill Sans

Gill Sans went though many years of development and improvement to become the reliable, established typeface that we love today. It remains a preferred and popular choice throughout design and lettering industries, and is still a sought after choice with digital prints.

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