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Great ideas are usually born when a pen connects with paper. It is a very personal moment where you can see your thoughts come alive underneath your own touch and your own handwriting. You are at liberty to change the paper size, the pen size, and the words or illustrations you jot down. You could probably do the same thing on a computer, but pressing backspace numerous times is hardly as satisfying as scratching out a bad idea.

FFF Tusj Font – A Font That Connects Pen & Paper

This is the type of thing that the FFF Tusj font tries to encapsulate: the old school method of writing with the hand and drawing with pencil as opposed to using an electronic device that does all this for you. It goes back to the roots of typography with something as simple as ink and a pen, and recreates a font that looks very appealing to the eye.

FFF Tusj font is a typeface that has been drawn by hand, scanned, and uploaded onto the internet.

This is hours and hours of work which is why it is so popular. Each line and each space between characters has been meticulously designed so that it reflects the true charm of traditional writing.

The font is based on the traditional Georgia Bold font. The creator expanded each character, each letter, and each numeral by transforming it into an illustration. He then filled these illustrations by using fine lines and leaving the planning structure behind the finished letter.

This gives it an authentic, old-timey look that works great as headers on billboards, posters, normal documents, birthday invites, wedding save-the-dates, and so much more. It works best in large sizes so that readers can absorb its intensity and complexity.

‘Tusj’ is the word for ‘Indian ink’ which takes a very long time before it fades. Just as its namesake, this typeface won’t go out of style for quite a while.

Download FFF Tusj Font by Magnus Cederholm

The designer of the font, the great Magnus Cederholm, lives in Oslo, Norway where he makes a living from being a typewriter designer. He attended Hyper Island, Idefagskolen and the Merkantilt Institutt here. He has a passion for illustrations, drawing, and photography.

He loves working with technology and he is at his happiest when he can figure out how to use innovative digital programmes to create new pieces of work. He acts as a freelancer and has worked for a company called Apt, but now he runs his own website where he puts his work on display. The website called Formfett is his online journal where he frequently communicates with users of this font and where he keeps track of his work on a weekly basis.

His passion for everything digital is safely kept in his fonts, especially when looking at FFF Tusj. Here he combines his love for drawing and creating illustrations into something magical that can be found all over the web. He speaks a visual language that is so soft on the eyes that you can’t help but fall in love with his work at a first glance.

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