Chalkboard Font Download & Free Alternatives

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Chalkboard Font’s origin and history

Chalk typefaces are called so with good reason; their strokes are medium and resemble the thick edge of a stick of chalk. These fonts are meant to create appeal in children who love using chalk on a board to create a typical hand written typeface that is organic. Teachers too love chalk typefaces as they use it every day.

Chalkboard and Chalkduster are good font examples of chalk typefaces.

They have the same imperfect look and tend to resemble natural handwriting. Said to be one of the oldest fonts, Chalkboard was being used even in the 60’s and 70’s and is regarded an example of being a very specific font application.

The font has a hand-lettered feel, is rough, has broken edges and looks just the way that letters produced by chalk on a blackboard do. It is this feature that distinguishes the chalkboard font from other font designs that are hand-lettered. This font works very well when it is set as white type on a smudgy black background rather than the reverse.

In 2003, Apple released a chalkboard font as part of 10.3 version of the Mac OS X Chalkboard font has often been compared to comic sans font that was a part of its previous OS. Comic sans has come in for a lot of criticism but Chalkboard seems to have been more acceptable.

Rise to fame and popularity of Chalkboard Font

With Chalkboard art becoming more popular across the world, the Chalkboard font is gaining momentum. Bloggers and website owners are using their favorite chalkboard fonts to deck up their spaces.

Educators and school faculty can use chalkboard fonts for their desktop publishing projects to give the appearance of chalk used on a blackboard. As these fonts come in small and capital letters, include numbers, characters and punctuation, teachers can create the blackboard appearance very realistically.

There are chalkboard fonts that are decorative and are ideal for school projects. They feature a blackboard with an academic feel to it—complete with an apple and books. Another chalkboard font can create the doodle effect and can be used as headers and titles. Children will love the look they have.

How suitable is this font in web design?

You would probably never associate the ‘childish’ looking chalkboard font with Web design. But you can use these chalkboard fonts in the classroom – to create invitation printouts for a children’s party or just some chalkboard posters. You’ll be surprised at how nostalgic and endearing they can be. For school-themed art work or related graphics, chalkboard fonts are great in creating that perfect chalk effect. School presentation slides get a new look with these fonts and all your designs that you created have that ‘unique touch’ that’s special to academics.

Blackboards and chalk can be a messy combination but if you want the effects of both sans and mess, then chalkboard fonts are the answer. You get the same effects with the fonts as you do with chalk on a board. There are so many chalkboard fonts that you can download and use.

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