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When you think about quicksand you generally associate the term with the feeling of drowning in the earth. You literally lose yourself in the planet’s crust while helplessly struggling to free yourself in any way you can. It is not usually a term that is associated with positive feelings or happy thoughts. In fact, it is actually a really claustrophobic occurrence.

The Quicksand font, however, doesn’t display this type of feeling at all. In fact, the only thing remotely relevant to the feeling of sinking in quicksand is the fact that you lose yourself. You will lose yourself as a writer and as a reader when you make use of this font in your documents. It is very flexible and can be used as a header, in paragraphs, in formal documentation, informal pieces, posters, advertisements, pamphlets, and so much more. It is a font for all occasions but that doesn’t mean that it is boring. Not by a long shot.

You’ll lose yourself in this typeface – Quicksand Font

This font was built for Google as a display font. It rests on the principles, trends, and structure of sans serif. Google often uses it as a font in the display of their electronic devices, computer applications, and their online browsers. It is easy to read and always comes across as legible, which is where the secret in the flexibility lies. Quicksand works best on larger fonts, even though it can be used with smaller sized typefaces. When it is small it produces a grainy effect which is probably why it is called Quicksand.

Having it's characters made out of pixels, Quicksand font makes you realize that something so small can make such a big difference in your document.

The characters have ample space next to each other which makes it easy on the eye without it taking strain. The characters are equipped with very simple yet elegant looking ascenders and descenders. Its charm lies in the smallest detail: here and there will be a longer twirl of a tail, like on the capital Q, making it look so much more desirable.

Quicksand supports Latin as an extended language as well as 3 different weights: light, normal, and bold. It is still a fairly young font and it will probably be updated to more weights in years to come.

Download Quicksand Font by Andrew Paglinawan

The designer of this font, the great Andrew Paglinawan, designed Quicksand font in order to make geometric shapes more accessible and uniformed. Paglinawan is a graphic designer by trade and has always found typeface creation interesting. He has worked in the fields of logo design, print design, type design, packaging design, web development, and branding.

He has spent the majority of his career building logos around marketing promotions for documents such as letterheads, brochures, business cards, and posters. He has already created quite a few other types of fonts and he is definitely an exciting designer to look out for.

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