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When you have something in your closet that is a little bit outdated you don’t necessarily throw it away. It isn’t just an item that has been hanging there or lying around for years; it’s something connected to memories, to a past, and to sentimental value. It isn’t something that you can get rid of just like that.

So what do you do? You can either do one of two things: you hang it back in your closet and forget about it for the next 20 years, or you take it out and brush it off. Throw some glitter on it and mend those torn apart seams, and you wear it again in its glorious revamped form.

Just like we redo out clothing pieces, our jewelry, our recipes, and even our cars, so do designers redo fonts. They almost never get rid of a certain type of font but they merely take it underneath their expert wings and craft it into something even more amazing. They mould and shape it into a font that can keep up with the times and trends. They create a new part of the family that can be used in modern society in its spiced up version.

Introducing the Oswald Font, better than ever

This is exactly the process that the Oswald font underwent. It represents the reworking and remodeling of the classic style that used to be alternate Gothic sans serif typefaces. This typeface has been updated in order to be downloaded in light and bold fonts as well as offering extended Latin sets.

The reason why the Oswald font was revamped and reinvented is to accommodate the constant rise in devices that we use on a day to day basis. It has been redone in order for it for fit better on the pixelated grid that makes up our screens. It is used freely across the web and works its magic on all forms of digital devices: tablets, computer screens, laptops, and cell phones.

This is exactly the type of effect that the designer of the Oswald font, Vernon Adams, wanted to create. To take a font and spice it up so that the next generation can enjoy it on a wider set of platforms.

Download Oswald Font by the great Vernon Adams

Vernon Adams studied typeface design at the Reading University in the United Kingdom. From there he went on to study Fine Art at the Vestlandets Kunstakademi in Norway. This paved the way for him and soon he found himself working as a font designer for Google Fonts. In his short career he has already created over 15 fonts for Google, all of them expertly crafted with passion put into each character.

In 2012 he updated Oswald font in after a large group of users found it to lack a proper sub-setting. He quickly made changes in order to make it more user-friendly and readable. The font was changed with refined glyphs throughout the family and tighter spacing and kerning.

The latest version has been updated to load faster and a fuller family available for download.

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