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Fonts are a literature phenomenon that we encounter every day without paying much attention to them. They aren’t things we see immediately; why, you probably don’t even notice the type of font you’re reading right now. Our brains have been wired in such a way that we take fonts for granted in every situation.

But how do you suppose you would read a news article if it had been written in comic sans? You would definitely not take it as serious as the standardized Times New Roman font. There’s something playful to it and we it is reserved for documents that are upbeat and not so serious in nature. On the other hand, how would you experience an invitation to a children’s party if it had been written in a font used in magazines? Would it have the same effect on you or the children? Of course it won’t. It would come across as stiff, formal, and business-like.

Just like Times New Roman plays its part in certain situations, it also reflects the level of seriousness of the document. It encapsulates a type of stern professionalism that can only be channelled by the brain as something important. Similarly, the Montserrat font plays an important role in documents, too, even though it isn’t as serious as its counterpart mentioned above.

Presenting Montserrat by the great Julieta Ulanovsky

The Montserrat font is a very flexible font that can be used in all situations. You can write a formal document with it, an article, or even an invite to a party if you feel like it. Experts have noted that this typeface is closely linked to the Gotham and Proxima Nova fonts. This type of font does not work well with italics, but it works great when you want to write headlines or when you use it as a display font.

The creator of this free font is a famous Argentinian font designer named Julieta Ulanovsky. She often creates fonts based on her immediate environment. She often draws inspiration from urban areas close to her as well as the one she lives in herself. By paying close attention to the ever-changing world we live in, she has enough material to create whole families of fonts without running out of ideas.

This is why her font designs are so very flexible in nature. It comes from a place where constant transformation takes flight in almost every aspect of life.

Download Montserrat font and enrich your work

The Montserrat font was inspired by the old posters and signs in the traditional cities of Buenos Aires. Ulanovsky created this type of font as an attempt to rescue what is left from the first half of the 20th century in Argentina. She incorporates a type of beauty that is underlying in urban areas and she sets it free as a liberal artwork that people can use to communicate with each other.

She takes good care of the way she designs her letters. Each poster, each sign contributes something else to the length, breadth, thickness, and color of the Montserrat font. She says that the different aspect are the exact things that makes the city so beautiful.

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