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The power of fonts is often disregarded as something that will always just be there. They appear on everything we read and we never stop to think about why there were designed or who designed them for that matter. As long as we’ll be able to read, people will continue creating fonts for different reasons.

But just stop to think: what if fonts were never created? What if Times New Roman was never even invented? Would we read formal documents with the same seriousness if it was written in Comic Sans? Of course we wouldn’t. Fonts are designed to make us realise the register and the enormity of the reading task that lies ahead of us.

A font that demands your attention – Miso Font

Every font serves a special purpose. Bigger fonts demand your attention, while smaller fonts work great for the fine print at the end of the contract. Chunky fonts work fantastic when you’re planning a party and sending the invites and a thinner font generally looks more elegant for a formal occasion. Just like fashion, there are typefaces that play specific roles in specific document, but we tend to use them for whatever once the specific purpose has been served.

The Miso Font is one such font that has been designed in order to solve a problem and to create a typeface suited for a profession. This font was originally intended to be used by architects when they complete their drawings so that the focus doesn’t fall on the writing, but rather the picture itself.

Miso is by no means a font that fades into the background. It is firm and longstanding, and it demands to be read.

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The font is very attractive at first glance and it doesn’t come with all the frills one sees in modern font creation. It sticks to the rules and isn’t afraid to say that it complies with authority. It is clean and narrow which makes it so perfect to fit into, on top of, or beneath an architectural structure drawn on the paper. It has a spacing that follows the mono-stroke logic as found in CAD software.

It is for this reason that it is easy to read and flows along the sentence without any strain to the eyes. It works best for headlines, logos, and captions, but people often use it in other pieces, too, like wedding invites, birthday party invites, planners, posters, advertising texts, and many more. Anything you can think of really.

Designed by the great architect Mårten Nettelbl

The designer of this font is an architect himself and he the starting point for it was the lettering style of the International Organisation for Standardisation. Mårten Nettelbladt is a certified architect in Sweden and he saw the gap in the market for this kind of text.

Even though he is not a typeface artist by profession, he finds interest in a whole range of different things. He went to the Arkitekturskolan KTH in Stockholm, the Arkitektskolen in Aarhaus, and the Kristofferskolan in Stockholm. He currently posts his work on self-titled blog which contains a wide array of projects he works on.

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