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Have you ever noticed how the message of each project you complete and each document you type can vary depending on the type of font used? When typing information, the font type you select is essential to the information you are sharing. For example, when submitting a professional, formative memo, a handwriting typeface should be avoided at all costs, am I right? Likewise, when you are creating an online birthday card to send to your 7-year-old niece, you want something that is light and easy to understand.

Choosing the appropriate, best-fitting text type is imperative. With that said, here we introduce a free font called Merriweather font. Designed by Eben Sorkin of Sorkin Type Co, this font comes styled in light, light italic, regular, regular italic, bold, bold italic, heavy and heavy italic. Formatted specifically for screen readability, Merriweather is considered as part of the workhorse text type family and is known for its efficiency when employed by Windows users, especially within the popular Microsoft Office suite of tools like Microsoft Word. Created in 2010, the font has been revised and improved to fit the needs of all users alike. The Merriweather typeface has a glyph count of 238 and 2048 units per Em. This transitional serif font has a normal weight, normal width, and holds a regular nature in its pattern. The pitch is not monospaced and the direction can be described as having strong left to right glyphs. The font itself can be described as tall and condensed, with a slightly diagonal stress. More specifically, visually speaking, the family type is of a Latin text and display. The serif style is square, with a double serif, straight arms arm style. The letter form is normal to weighted, and the proportion is modern. The Merriweather font is medium low in contrast and harbors a gradual to transitional stroke variation. The midline is high and serifed, and the corpus size is constant, though large.

What’s more, the serif classified font now comes available in a Sans form. Merriweather Sans, like the original Merriweather typeface, comes in four weight forms including regular, black, bold, and light. Differing greatly from other Google types, the Merriweather series utilize a classic structure that can be employed with a wide range of typing tasks.

Whether you are typing an important response email, sending out a company-wide email, or creating a formative article for online blogging, the Merriweather font will not disappoint with its readability and professionality.

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