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Seeking elegance? Great Vibes is for you.

There are many different types of fonts that you can use to make something seem a bit more elegant. There’s just something about those elaborate curls at the end of certain letters that transports you back to the Middle Ages where people wrote letters with quills and ink pots.

This type of font is of used in letters when writing to a certain person and more recently, it has been used in advertising. The typeface is cast alongside the visuals of the pamphlet or poster to make it look like a product comes across as desirable, exclusive, and something that only the elite will be able to purchase.

However, there’s a problem with fonts like these. Many of them are written with tight or little spacing between them. This makes it hard for the reader to understand what exactly is being said. Those curls and twirls on the stems of letters can be somewhat confusing in an enclosed space and this could ruin the experience for readers. The result then is that they would rather turn around and walk away, avoiding the advertisement completely, rather than staying and trying to make sense of the wording.

Luckily there is a solution to this problem we may experience in our daily lives. It comes in the form of a font that still delivers a sophisticated effect but is much easier on the eye than regular, generated calligraphy fonts. This font is so humbly called Great Vibes.

What’s the best use of Great Vibes font?

The Great Vibes font was created for Google and Android applications by TypeSETit. The designers behind this font wanted to relieve the problem of straining eyes whilst still keeping the air of elaborateness and professionalism in the font itself. It is basically a revamp of other calligraphy styled fonts, but on the other hand, it’s also not.

This free font is unique in its own way, and nothing else could really ever compare.

The font is a beautifully flowing selection of letters with connecting script. The headers and ascenders loop elegantly as they touch the pages. Uppercase letters don’t look as bulky or imposing, yet they still keep their authority in a sentence. Even their letters are gorgeously twirled as one writes.

Download Great Vibes for free, you’ll love it

One of the reasons why the Great Vibes font is called ‘great’ is because of its flexibility. It can be used for any reason whatsoever without making it look tacky. It is a Unicode typeface that supports Latin and all its other counterparts. As a font family It can still be expanded to support other types of script.

The Great Vibes font is mostly used in the United States, including Alaska, but it is available all over the world. It goes best as a header with the following types of fonts, also endorsed by Google: Open Sans font, Roboto font, Oswald font, Lato font, Raleway font, Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Ubuntu font and Lobster. These pairings work great as harmonizers to tie your work together and give it a balanced look!

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