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Independent font creators tend to have a bit more freedom when it comes to their creations and designs. They rarely have any type of framework they need to comply with and their free reign means that they can break all the boundaries, rules, and trends in modern day styles of fonts.

The ultimate free font – Caviar Dreams

Just as its birth, Caviar Dreams Font is free in its own entirety. It’s not caged up in time periods, geographical location, culture or any of the other aspects we use to define who we are. It merely exists which makes it such a flexible font and such a breath of fresh air to take in when reading.

This font has already been made up into its own family and this just shows that the artist truly loves what they do. Some creators can take up to four years, maybe even longer, just to expand the designs of the font he has created.

The Caviar Dreams Font family is already equipped with 4 different versions that work well on any type of document. These four alternative fonts are: light, bold, bold italic, and italic. You can, of course, leave it in is original form and it will wow readers to great lengths, too. What’s even better is that the creator of this font has made it publicly available to anyone who wants to use it – for personal or commercial use!

Designed by Nyphont, the mysterious typeface designer

The designer works under the pseudonym, Nymphont, and his or her real name remains a mystery. The creator works off their own website and their own blog where they post regular creations, tips, tricks, and trends that occur in the typeface industry. All the downloads they put up are free and it just shows that to Nymphont this isn’t about making money and capitalising on their talents:

…it’s all about making the fonts as easily accessible to everyone so that you too can achieve your Caviar Dream.

Nymphont mentions that this font may have some similarities to her previous font family called Champagne & Limousines. They want the reader and writer to know that even though they might look very alike in form, they definitely have striking differences. They go on to say that it is important for users of this font to treat Caviar Dream as a totally unique font, because that is the main pillar on which all their typefaces are built: honesty and originality.

Download the original free Caviar Dream Font

Some of the differences that can be seen in Caviar Dream is the fact that the letter spacing is a bit bigger than Champagne & Limousines. This is real eye-pleaser and it makes the geometric shaping of the font much clearer. It also helps with legibility and makes reading softer on the eyes.

This brings them to the next difference. The geometric shapes may look similar to its predecessor but it has a smoother finish. If you look closely you’ll also see many angles in letters and numbers that aren’t part of the classical geometric look at all. This truly is a font that you won’t see anywhere else.

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