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Recreating new fonts is often a trend followed by typeface artists. It’s by no means the easy way out and it takes a lot of courage to improve something that already looks great in its original form. Sometimes it just needs a bit of attention and modification to help it keep up with the times.

This is exactly the case with the Bebas Neue font. It has been given a new look and a new coat of paint so that it can strut itself around with newfound pride. It doesn’t only change the way you write a text in Bebas font, but it also revolutionises the way you read it. You may not believe it, but a small change in detail can go a very long way. The way you read characters, words, sentences, and eventually paragraphs will open up a new world to you.

A daring typeface journey from Bebas to Bebas Neue

As its original parent font, Bebas Neue is bold and daring, and it gives you a wakeup call. It is written with determination and guts as it conveys the message clear without any frills and trills. This no nonsense font can be used for anything from legal documents to digital interfaces to birthday invitations. Its characters are always upright assuming a statuesque and strong position.

Some even call it the Helvetica of free fonts.

Bebas Neue is still part of the sans serif family and the original Bebas font as created by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. It has become more popular than the original, but it has by no means rendered its ancestral typeface useless. The new addition to the family has just created a more flexible way of writing it and it has more options for you to use. You can say what you need to say in different styles to convey a different message.

The four styles that have been added to Bebas Neue is thin, light, book, and regular. Each one increases in width and boldness, and they work great together as alternative fonts in one single document. Its alternative styles have been used in many advertisements like Occupy Wall Street as well as in the logo design of Flow Shape Design Studio. This is exactly what the creator wanted to achieve with a font like this. It still offers the same simplistic Bebas font, but now you can choose the context thereof appropriately.

Download Bebas Neue by the great Ryoichi Tsunekawa

From the examples given above it is clear that Bebas Neue offers the same crystal clear quality and it stays true to everything the original Bebas was intended for: grace, style, and elegance. Its warm features make it great to use for website design, print, commerce, or even in the arts.

Ryoichi Tsunekawa has found an interest in developing fonts and often produces amazing works of typeface designs. This is but one of the exciting projects he has brought to the internet and he will definitely produce many more in future years.

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