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Let’s think about the core beauty of fonts like Aller

As consumers, we rarely think of the design of something. When you buy a dress it looks attractive, but you don’t really think much about the worker behind it. When you visit a website, you might think that certain features are innovative, but you don’t consider the hours people put into designing that specific page. Just like there are engineers, computer specialists, website developers, clothing designers, and artists, so there are also those who specialize in designing fonts. These people study many years in order to create trendy typefaces that make our work readable, attractive, and understandable. They are doing us a service to ensure that our documents, pamphlets, and posters catch the eye of the readers it’s aimed on.

These typeface designers have to keep themselves up to date as to what is going on in the font-creating world. There are many parameters that they need to keep in mind and they have to adhere to a strict code of design. Imagine if every letter they designed wasn’t uniformed enough to fit in with the rest. The result would be a total mess and we wouldn’t be able to use it in our writing, let alone be able to read it.

One such designer has created a font that adheres to these rules, but also gives the design a little bit of creative freedom. He has made sure that the font can be used for any occasion and that anyone who is literate will be able to read it with ease. This free font is called Aller font.

Who is the designer who created this beautiful font?

The Aller font was designed by Marc Weyman who works for an independent typeface designing company called Dalton Maag. Their team of designers have over 20 years’ worth of experience in designing fonts and they have already created fonts for major companies like McDonalds, Tesco, Toyota, and Yell. They only support those who know what it takes to become a trendy typeface artists and who can see innovative possibilities in front of their eyes.

Marc Weyman himself has worked on many different fonts and he put 4 years’ worth of time into this specific font. Its tone is warm and inviting, and it makes the regular sans serif fonts format thereof a little bit more interesting. It supports the regular, light, light italic, bold, bold italic, and italic weights. It supports Latin script and regular script, showing that its versatility shines through every aspect.

What makes Aller different from other free fonts?

Its warm ambience is perfect for wedding invitations, corporate communicative documents, and any type of signage. The design’s convex stroke has been softened in every letter just to lessen the impact of it coming across as a hard typeface. It connects the letters without making it difficult to read and enhances the dynamic of any sentence.

The Aller font is unique in its own way and this lies in the fact that it makes use of smaller capitals in lowercase letters. It displays a bold messages and sends it out to the receiver with ease, adding on to this lucrative family of trendy typefaces.
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