Comic Fonts for 2017: The Complete List (Free Download)

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What are Comic Fonts?

The Comic fonts, like the name suggests, are primarily designed for comic purposes, like comic books and comic advertisements in the cartoon or animated graphics. Comic typefaces availability are numerous, and all represent a different design for you to choose from and empower your creative designs in 2017. Some comic book writers such as Dave Gibbons have come up with their own comic typefaces to use in their creations.

Definition of Comic Design

Comic typeface designs come in many different shapes and sizes depending the tone, theme and feel aimed upon when designing the art in which the font will be used in. The designer may be interested in coming up with a completely new look while still maintaining the original design of comic sans or just make it a little fancy to meet a particular theme.

Typography artists have come up with designs that are not too childlike like the cartoon comic but more adult centred for animation films or magazines. This typography style, therefore, has evolved a great deal since 1933 when the first comic book was released under the name of Famous Funnies. The comic fonts of 2017 have evolved to accommodate the new and exciting imaginations of current cartoons and animations for kids.

Most comic typefaces are made of curved block letters, making it very hard for today's type designers to be creative and come up with completely new typefaces. That being said, the comic design is quite simplistic and has accommodated the cartoon, comic and animated industries extensively.

When to Use a Comic Font?

Although it does not have a broad range of uses, it works remarkably well for comic books, comic themed advertisements, children focused media and animations. The primary use is still in the comic and animations industry. Comic books and bedtime comic stories for kids is an ideal writing platform to use the comic font. The curvy characteristic of the glyphs in letters and characters is exciting for children. The letters are not too deviated from the normal letter writing, therefore, has proven to positively influence children's handwriting.

Advertising for children toys or fast food franchises is another great way of using the comic font. Such themes go well with the comic style since most fast food franchises as well, which is something to be considered.

As for the personal use of fonts from this classification, you can use it during playtime with kids, when painting or drawing, and we promise you the little ones will absolutely love it. Here are a few of our best choices for 2017.

The Best Comic Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Comic typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Comic fonts in 2017
Bd Cartoon Shout TrueType 4.4
Arnold Aaron Smith TrueType 4.4
Fearless TrueType 4.4
Laffayette Comic Pro Laffayette Systems TrueType 4.3
Komika Axis Apostrophic Labs TrueType 4.3

Komika Axis Example

1. Komika Axis Font by Apostrophic Labs

Idea for the great Komika Axis typeface came from a one-night's inspiration of who working tirelessly to make this popular font a reality. Unlike some of the previous Comic typeface this one is ideal for business cards. It comes in a free file that is suitable for a wide array of applications.

4.3  ·  222,189  ·  460  · 

Laffayette Comic Pro Typeface

2. Laffayette Comic Pro Font by Laffayette Systems

Laffayette Comic Pro's designer should be proud of this comic typeface he created, as it is really amazing and friendly. It has beautiful design that can be used for social media assets, landing pages and much more. It should be noted that it comes in a truetype file format.

4.3  ·  213,086  ·  441  · 

Bd Cartoon Shout Letters

3. Bd Cartoon Shout Font

Bd Cartoon Shout is a free font that has been developed by the popular designer. It looks great in both print and on-screen designs. This free Comic comes in a truetype format.

4.4  ·  281,533  ·  583  · 

Fearless Characters

4. Fearless Font by

Fearless was designed by and, says Wikipedia, 'tries to create a free alternative to the most popular fonts from the Comic fonts category'. The font can be used for both personal and commercial purposes but it cannot be redistributed or sold.

4.4  ·  208,566  ·  432  · 

Arnold Comic

5. Arnold Font by Aaron Smith

Announced as 'the next classic among the Comic classification', Arnold is a dependable typeface that is developed by Aaron Smith. Arnold is available as a free download and can be used privately and commercially.

4.4  ·  121,466  ·  251  · 

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