9+ Free Calligraphy Fonts: Top Downloads for 2017

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What are Calligraphy Fonts?

Calligraphy has been relevant for thousands of years, and is recognized as a fancy and artistic means of expressing information. Generally speaking, the form of writing has been looked at for its creativity and aesthetic value. When typing on the computer and creating various documents, invitations, and other information, calligraphy can still be utilized courtesy of calligraphy fonts. These typefaces come in various shapes and sizes in order to meet the necessities of the occasion.

When to Use a Calligraphy Typeface?

Calligraphy letters are extremely elegant and reflect a more artistic means of expression. With these fonts, the artistic expression remains as constant as with handwritten forms. Just like handwritten calligraphy, a calligraphy typeface creates a deeper meaning from its text and is often chosen for very formal invitation headings. In the same ways that calligraphy is intricately create with various thicknesses; these fonts are carefully designed and intricate. There are many sophisticated, tasteful swirls and decorative additives to calligraphic characters.

The most common uses for calligraphy fonts are as accents for headers and other titling. The style creates a formal, yet beautiful, introduction to any information to follow. Different calligraphy styles can be selected for different purposes: from sophisticated styles for situations such as weddings, and more free-flowing and youthful styles for situations such as birthday parties or more casual occasions. The level of sophistication versus relaxation can be determined by it's style.

Where not to use calligraphy in 2017?

Calligraphy fonts are best presented in larger sizes. When typing them in small points, they can be nearly illegible. The intricacies and ornate designs in the fonts are too highly detailed to be too small. Size 8-10pt can be especially challenging for readers, if not impossible. Considering where it will be displayed is important for determining whether or not a calligraphy-styled font is appropriate.

This design style is generally not found in the workplace or other highly formalized settings. This is because it has always been a more artistic option that does not correlate too well with formal documents. The necessity for the fancy usually remains with invitations and similar documents. Due to the fact that this style is best used at large text sizes, it is important to consider when to utilize the font style. Calligraphy typefaces are not a good fit for large blocks of text, as the intricacies of the font style can become hard to decipher at small sizes.

Calligraphy Typography Definition

These typefaces are often found on formal thank you cards and wedding invitations. The text adds a personalized element to the sentiment. Popular Instagram accounts that post motivational posters frequently feature calligraphy to make an impact. This typographic style creates a more comfortable and pleasing visual for the eye, which is why it is so commonly selected. Calligraphy fonts provide a great touch for graphic designs.

The Best Calligraphy Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Calligraphy typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Calligraphy fonts in 2017
Gothic Ultra Blue Vinyl Fonts OpenType 4.8
Kingthings Calligraphica Kingsthings TrueType 4.7
Baskerville Bitstream TrueType 4.7
Didot Linotype TrueType 4.6
Roman Caps Steve Deffeyes TrueType 4.5

Baskerville Example

1. Baskerville Font by Bitstream

A charming and amazing Calligraphy font, Baskerville has been built by type designer and designer Bitstream. Bitstream placed a 'premium' price tag on this truetype typeface.

4.7  ·  970,671  ·  2,010  · 

Didot Typeface

2. Didot Font by Linotype

Built by Linotype, Didot font is created for one thing: to develop the best font for use in mobile apps and infographics. While mobile usage is surpassing desktop in all parts of the world, you should definitely check out Didot. Even though it's highly adaptable and assertive, but manages to retain a friendly tone, and looks especially good when used in print, such as in vinyl wraps, vinyl wraps or in book covers.

4.6  ·  856,215  ·  1,773  · 

Playfair Display Letters

3. Playfair Display Font by Claus Eggers

Created by Claus Eggers, Playfair Display typeface is created for one sole purpose: to develop the best typeface for use in mobile apps and website designs. While mobile usage is surpassing desktop in all parts of the world, you should definitely check out Playfair Display. It should be noted that it comes in a opentype file format.

4.0  ·  277,688  ·  575  · 

Tangerine Characters

4. Tangerine Font by Toshi Omagari

Tangerine is created by Toshi Omagari and, says the author, 'is trying to create a free alternative to the established fonts from the Calligraphy fonts category'. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

4.5  ·  176,481  ·  365  · 

Calligraffiti Calligraphy

5. Calligraffiti Font by Open Window

One fact about Calligraffiti is how it's lines come together to form a unique dimension, like Open Window was trying to design a synergy between it's lines while designing ligatures for this typeface. It comes in a free file that is suitable for a wide array of applications.

4.3  ·  375,909  ·  778  · 

Calligraphy Dubiel

6. Dubiel Font by David Rakowski

This is one of the most friendly typeface, and was built a well known designer. Unlike some of the previous Calligraphy font this one is ideal for greeting cards. The font can be used for both personal and commercial purposes but it cannot be redistributed or sold.

4.4  ·  323,200  ·  669  · 

Gothic Ultra Download

7. Gothic Ultra Font by Blue Vinyl Fonts

Gothic Ultra is a free font that has been designed by the industry expert Blue Vinyl Fonts. It is web safe and whimsical, but manages to retain a friendly aesthetics, and looks especially good when used in print, such as in brochures, vinyl wraps or in posters. The font can be used for both personal and commercial purposes but it cannot be redistributed or sold.

4.8  ·  186,799  ·  387  · 

Kingthings Calligraphica free

8. Kingthings Calligraphica Font by Kingsthings

A refreshing and amazing Calligraphy typeface, Kingthings Calligraphica is built by creative professional and creative expert Kingsthings. Thinking of using it in commercial client work? No worries, it's allowed.

4.7  ·  379,632  ·  786  · 

Calligraphy typography Roman Caps

9. Roman Caps Font by Steve Deffeyes

Named 'the next classic in the Calligraphy classification', Roman Caps is a dependable typeface that is created by Steve Deffeyes. This free Calligraphy comes in a truetype format.

4.5  ·  290,036  ·  600  · 

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