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Brush fonts are a type of font that looks cool, modern and attractive. It adds an element of fun to the letters and the overall word displayed.  Brush fonts add a cool and neat font to any design to make it look attractive and professional.

The brush script typeface was designed by Robert E Smith in 1942 for the company, American Type Founders. The base of the letter conveys a bold graphic stroke that looks like it has been hand written with an ink brush, which makes it looks thick and attractive. The lowercase letters have a specific design to them to make them look stylish and different, which exaggerates the hand written style that looks more eye catching.  Brush fonts have a thick and versatile look to each letter that constitutes the word completed, it makes each word look visible and bold.

The typeface gained popularity and interest when it was initially introduced in 1942; Advertisers and retailers became interested in the typeface for their promotional material for posters, leaf lets and other merchandise. The hype of the typeface continued into the 1950s with further use of the typeface and gained influence through International Typographic Style that progressed in the 1960s.

The typeface was used commonly during WW2 to promote the popular posters going up at that time. The typeface added a serious and bold look to the poster overall to grab people’s attention, which it did. From this day the posters are popular with the nostalgic appearance and relevance.

Brush fonts can be used in almost anything, whether it be magazines, leaflets, websites, promotional material and much more. These types of fonts look cool on anything and bring the whole thing to life.  Many people download brush fonts from different font based websites that offer brush fonts, they are then able to download the brush and install it onto a photo editing software, primarily Photoshop. 

Professional websites are using brush fonts more than any other font and this is become of the thick, bold and elegant look it leaves. Each letter stands out and makes the whole word look good with its specific curves and shapes. The letters crossover each other in a way that is subtle and eye grabbing to the reader and maintains clarity and freshness with each letter.

Many companies use this font for the production of logos for their website and company advertisement. The fonts make the logo come alive by adding more creativity and boldness into the picture. The fonts can be inserted onto images, onto a blank canvas or anything else that requires a more interesting look to it. One of the types of fonts provide an authentic and hand-drawn feel with its messy edges and angles with varied line thickness, this type is great for any outdoor and exploration-themed design work. Other types of fonts are beautifully hand-drawn with a distinct influence of adventure and outdoors. This type is perfect for logos, quotes, stationary, apparel and also personal and commercial use.

The Best Brush Fonts List for 2017

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list of hand-picked Brush typefaces we've prepared for you, here's a list of our top 5 picks:

Best Free Brush fonts in 2017
Lobster Two Pablo Impallari OpenType 4.6

Lobster Two Example

1. Lobster Two Font by Pablo Impallari

Announced as 'the next classic in the Brush category', Lobster Two is a bold typeface that has been created by Pablo Impallari. This free Brush comes in a opentype format.

4.6  ·  956,071  ·  1,979  · 

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