Most Popular & Cool Fonts for Logo Design

The advertising industry can be a ruthless one especially if you are still a fairly new or small business. The way you promote what you are selling of which services you are conducting says a lot about your company image. Unfortunately, bad advertising can lead to bad products.

This is particularly important when you design a cool logo for your company. It has to be something attractive that makes customer and clients swarm to your business. Logo design may seem easy, but even the simplest logos requires months of planning, hard work, and late nights in order to produce.

What are the pillars of a good logo design?

So what exactly are the fundamental pillars of a good logo? Sure, a good idea would already help you along your way. You will need to word a catchy phrase and a style element. You will need to think of an appropriate colour scheme. All these things contribute to logo design, but the main element you can’t ignore would be typography.

The font you choose will influence the way people react and receive your company and its image. It will determine which target group will step into the advertising goal and whether or not it will display the desired effect you want it to.

Are cool fonts suitable for logo designers?

Generally speaking, you have to choose a cool font. The people who react most to advertisements are young people and they are the ones who want to be kept in the loop and kept up to date in as to what is happening in the world.

For your product to succeed, you need to design your logo in such a way that it appeals to them. You’ll only do that by using a cool font.

There are many websites where you can download free fonts but out of all of them only a few are really trustworthy. Fontex is one where you will be able to browse for high quality fonts to make your logo look fresh and funky. It brings all the free fonts on the internet together in one place for you to use.

We’ve hand-picked the 5 coolest fonts for you:

Fontex only supports typeface artists who put their passion for font design in their hard work. There are hundreds of fonts available for you to pick and you’ll be overwhelmed by the cool text font choices they display on their website. Here are a few special and popular ones that catch the eye and a short description about them.

Cool font #5: Great Vibes Font

The designers behind Great Vibes Font wanted to create a font that is laid back and relaxed, but still upholds a sense of elegance. It is one of the best cool cursive fonts and it transports the reader and the writer back to the Middle Ages. This font is by no means outdated and it gives the logo a sophisticated look. This is a great way to sell your company as a business that holds true to old fashioned business values like trust, honesty, and respect. It beams professionalism and with tiny spaces between letters you can afford to say it all without using up too much space. It supports Latin Extensions and is so flexible that you can use it for almost anything.

Cool font #4: FFF Tusj

Drawing from European inspiration, the FFF Tusj font exemplifies cool handwriting fonts in all its glory. The artist channels his love for illustration and art design while compiling it into a new type of font. Each letter has been drawn by hand to make the letters shine through immediately. The bigger this font is, the better, and if you look closely you can see the outlines and traces the artist left as he was designing the letters. This works great as a way to show your customers that the business puts extra special work into everything they do. It can also be seen as a type of cool tattoo font in the sense that the word ‘Tesj’ means ‘Indian ink’. This is an ink that takes a very long time to fade and is usually used to draw Henna tattoos onto Indian brides. Just as the ink, the effect of this font won’t fade very quickly.

Cool font #3: Quicksand

The Quicksand font is one of the cool letter fonts, because instead of it being made up of solid lines, it is made up of tiny little dots that form into the shape of a letter. The reason why this font is related to quicksand is because you will lose yourself in it. It creates such a funky look that you will spend hours finding the dots, connecting them, and tracing them over the letters of the sentence. This font works best in a larger size where the dots are exemplified and easy to spot with the eye.

Cool font #2: Lobster

Another flexible font to consider is the Lobster font. This is a cool writing font that looks like it has been done by hand, even though it has been digitally created. Its boldness shines through in its larger form or in a smaller size, yet it remains as humble as the person who designs it. Just like the font, the designer likes to keep things simple by creating masterpieces. He likes to learn from others and have traced his studies of this font back to the first typeface artists who lived 500 years ago. This is a font that shows how hard work and discipline can turn something plain into something amazing.

Cool font #1: Bebas Neue

This font is both a cool numbers font as well as a cool tattoo font. It makes a statement on the first glance and you can really get the message through by using this typeface. It works great with numerical characters as it lends a clean surface look, but it can also be used as a font when designing tattoos. It has a slim look to it, but it still appears as a bold typeface on any type of logo or document. It works best in its larger forms even though it can also be used in a smaller size.


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